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Love this middle book!

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Ahoy there me mateys! I received this fantasy ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings. If ye haven’t read the first book in this series, the bear and the nightingale, then ye might want to skip this post and go read the first book. Worth the read. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . . . . .

The first book, the bear and the nightingale, was one of me top 5 reads of 2017. So imagine me delight when I was given a copy of this sequel. Like book one, this installment contains another stunning cover and another beautiful lyrical story that had me besotted.

While book one could be read as standalone, I am so very glad that I got to experience more of Vasya’s adventures. This book immediately transported me back to medieval Russia. The difference is that in the first book, ye got to read about a tiny village in the dark Russian countryside. Now Vasya has fled her childhood home and is trying to figure out what she wants her future to be all while dealing with the realities in the world-at-large.

I continued to love reading about the relationships between Vasya and her siblings. Time has passed since they all saw one another and all three of them are struggling to deal with the changes that time and growing up have wrought on one another. While love is there, societal pressure is a force to be reckoned with. There also continues to be the juxtaposition of Christianity and pagan beliefs that leads to some fascinating events.

The highlights continue to be Solovey, the portrayal of the society of women, the awesome folklore creatures, and the rich character relationships. I cannot wait to read more about Vasya and the Winter-King, Morozko. It was a magical thrilling story that transported me to a different time and place. I want the next book!

So lastly . . .

Thank you Random House!