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When I read The Bear and the Nightingale I knew this series was going to be top tier for me. The Girl in the Tower didn't disappoint. I'm obsessed with this series, Vasya's journey continues in this novel. She has to go to the capital. Its nice seeing her get to interact with her sister. Its also fascinating to watch her continuing relationship with Morozko. I figured out who the bad guy was in the book about 2/3rds in. I was stoked, he's one of my favorite characters from Russian folklore. The ending of the book was amazing. It left me flying through the pages. Arden's characters are well flushed out and the reader continues to love them. The atmosphere in this novel is amazing. You really feel like you're in medieval Russia. This book was just as good as the first novel. I also know The Winter of the Witch is amazing too. Arden is an autobuy author for me.