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I adore this series

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I fell in love with this series in the first book and this second book did not disappoint! Katherine Arden's writing completely transported me to the time and place. I love the Russian folklore and world building.
Usually a second book can feel very much like a bridge to a third book and a bit lack luster. This book is not a victim of that at all. I enjoyed the expansion of the world beyond the village from the first book and also enjoyed meeting more of Vasyas family. I particularly enjoyed how her sisters character was handled and how she was given more than one dimension which is more than this type of character would usually receive.
While the first book was more of a slow moving plot, this book was faster paced and included more political intrigue as Vasya became more involved in the politics of the world.
I also enjoyed the relationship with Morozko and how it is developing in this book.
I definitely recommend this series!