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Excellent Second Installment!

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4.5 Stars!

Our dear Vasya’s story continues with the second installment of the Winternight trilogy. What an action-packed sequel. So good!

I feel like I’m learning so much early Russian/Rus history I didn’t know I needed! It is so intriguing seeing how a territory evolves over time, adapts to groups of people, and becomes one unique culture from so many smaller regions/peoples converging.

Arden took a story about a young girl’s life from childhood in a setting you don’t often see in young adult literature and created such a magical story.

The historical struggle between the pagan old ways and the new Orthodox Christian church played a large role in the choices of the characters and molded their ideals, actions, and thoughts towards others. One of my favorite aspects was seeing the chyerti - the “devils” of Russian folklore. You never knew which beast Vasya would meet next, what trouble they would cause, what help they would lend. So fun!

Thank you for adding a glossary for all the Russian terms. It added to the reading experience by allowing me to understand what was going on. 😂