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An epic tale

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This is the second book of the Winternight Trilogy, I loved it!! Vasya is now away from her siblings, Olga and Sasha. She knows that it's time to go back, she has been with Morozko this time, he gives her a talisman for protection and she has the great horse Solovey with her. Solovey is a horse that understands human speech, she can communicate with him, together they arrive to a village where apparently some bandits kidnapped children. The Prince has not shown a lot of interest in this matter, but Vasya is eager to rescue them, after this, she discovers there is a major threat within the Prince's advisors, there are some enemies in court that are interested in the Crown. An incredible book that I couldn't put down, I really loved Vasya, and Morozko he's still a mysterious god that gets sensible when he is close to her. I can't wait to read book 3.