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A true fairytale

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Set in old Russia during the dead of winter, this is a true love letter to slavic stories and fairy tales. It's hauntingly atmospheric, full of magic, demons and legends.
I really loved the first book, and I was a bit nervous about reading this one, since it had some big shoes to fill. If anything, I loved it even more. Vasya is back, and she's still brave and strong but more mature after what happened in the last book. As accusations of witchcraft force her to either marry or join a convent, she chooses a third path: to disguise herself as a boy and travel through medieval Russia to the city of Moscow. Even though the though political intrigue and betrayals are introduced, it's still drenched in magic, and the author expertly weaves a world where you can believe the spirits haunt this world.
The writing is atmospheric and makes you breathe in the cold along with Vasya, with lush descriptions that make you believe in magic.
All in all, this series is one of my all-time favourites, and if you haven't picked it up yet, you really should!