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A beautiful, magical story

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"The Girl in the Tower" is beautiful, magical story begun in "The Bear and the Nightingale" continues with the second in a saga of three. Vasya, is a young woman, forced to choose between marriage or life in a convent. She chooses to flee her village when she is cast out as a witch after the death of her father and stepmother. Vasya’s life choices are either to resign herself to life in a convent, or a marriage arranged her older sister. She chooses to disguise herself as a boy instead of committing herself to an isolated life in a tower. Vasha sets off on an adventure with her horse, Solovey, with the assistance of Morozko, the Winter King. After rescuing three girls from bandits who have been terrorizing the countryside by burning villages, she reunites with her older brother, Sasha. She also earns the favor of Dimitri Ivanovich, the Grand Prince of Moscow, who has no idea she is not a boy. Vasha realizes the kingdom is under threat and returns to Moscow with him and the soldiers.
I love this series sequel set in medieval Russia folklore. The author's enchanting, descriptive prose transports you to a snowy winter in a time gone by. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes rich historical fiction. I am also looking forward to reading the third novel in the series.