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I'm so antsy for the second book!

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After so many series I was following ended this summer, I've been so impatiently waiting for new releases--and half afraid that my anticipation would set me up for disappointment. This preview did NOT disappoint, to say the least. The style of prose is just as good as I remember from the first book. It reminds me of one of those grand symphonic works, all splendor and ceremony, yet at some parts heated with fervor or as bleak as winter. I could start to picture the splendor and ceremony of Moscow, the bleakness of winter, and fervor of the people.

Sasha is one of my favorite characters, and I was disappointed to see him exit the scene so early during the first book. I'm excited that Olga and Sasha will play larger roles in this next installment. Konstantin was a surprise, though (You know a book is good when you read on despite thoroughly disliking one of its characters).

I loved the preview, and can't wait to finish the entire thing!