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The Girl in Cell 49B by Dorian Box is the second book in the Emily Calby series. You can read this as a stand alone book because the author does a great job of giving you the background of the characters as the story unfolds.
Everything changed for Emily Calby when she was twelve and two men broke into her house. Emily was able to get away, but her mom and sister were not as lucky. Emily goes on the run for fear of her life. She meets Lucas and his wife who take her in and teacher her how to defend herself. Unfortunately, Emily (who has now changed her name to Alice Black) is quick to anger and reacts without thinking. She has had revenge on those who have caused her pain. She is caught by police when she pulls a gun on a man at a convenience store. When she is picked up after running, the police find she has a warrant out for murder in Louisiana. She is sent to a juvenile detention center named Pochachant. Once there, she has to figure out how to survive the other inmates there as well as the Correctional Offers. While working at the library at Pochachant, she discovers a room full of legal books. She uses them to help her understand her court case and the law. She is also put to the test when her Lawyer is hospitalized. Instead of a new lawyer, she represents herself. This book had me feeling a Rollercoaster of emotions as I was reading it. Anger, fear and excitement to name a few. This is definitely a book worth reading.