There's no Wolves in this Book but The Doesn't Make it any Less AMAZING!

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The glitz, the glamour, the SASS- I mean honestly, what more could you want? Well, I suppose handsome boys, fierce independent young women and a diverse set of characters but don't worry, it's got those too!

I was lucky enough the meet this beautiful author in person while on her books tour earlier this year and something that struck me was the time, effort and passion she put into diversifying her characters. Not only were they relatable and heartwarming but there was intentionally a character written as someone who is on the spectrum. I wont spoil it for you but I will let you know that the author did painstakingly detailed research to ensure that she got this person as perfect as she could and was hands down my favorite character in the entire book.

I also can see why/how people often compare the book to the "Six of Crows" series but seeing as how that's one of my favorite books, that was NOT why I enjoyed this as much as I did (and quite frankly, it's a tad rude to compare books like that, in my opinion). Yes, it had similarities towards the beginning but just barely so KEEP READING PEOPLE, it gets GOOD.