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The world of Paris in 1889, but filled with hidden magic and societies is incredibly well written. Séverin is at an auction, members from different households of Babel sit around the room, waiting for the even to begin. Séverin is there for one reason, to steal a specific object that would be apart of the evenings awaited event. Finally the object is presented, a compass from the Summer Palace of China. Séverin isn't interested in the compass itself however, he just wants the map that is supposed to be inside. Sneaking into the room with the objects, Séverin reveals his partner in crime, Enrique and they together work retrieve the map. The purpose of the map, to allow Séverin to blackmail the Order of Babel and have his House restored. Things don't go as planned however and Séverin's hand becomes trapped. Meanwhile Laila is across Paris, she has worked with Séverin for some time. She has a gut feeling that something is of but cannot place it. Little does she know, that she is right.