Loved this book!

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I just want to say that this book was an incredibly enjoyable read, and it was really fun! Originally picked this up from a book recommendation section, and the puzzles were amazing. I also have to mention that the cover is gorgeous.

What I really loved was the Greek mythology references -- just made my mythology fanatic heart happy.

I liked all the characters! Though their personalities, backstories, etc. weren't fully explored through this one in my opinion, I wouldn't worry since it's the first of a trilogy. Especially for Enrique, Hypnos, and Zofia (side note but her name is just really pretty to me), I'm looking forwards to how it will play out.

I loved the idea of a glamorous, 18th century Paris: the main plot was a heist, though however, to me, the stakes and adrenaline of it was somewhat lost in, again, the glamour and luxury in which the characters live in. There were a few nitpicks I had with the plot, but overall I definitely enjoyed the book, and I am going to be reading the second one!

4.5 stars rounded to 5