Historical Fiction

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I read this back in 2020. I'm not really sure why I didn't write a review when I read it. I had plenty of time to review books at the time due to being on lockdown. But I digress. I really enjoyed the story. I think I even went on to read the sequel. As it's been three years since I've read the book, I may look to see if the series was continued and reread the ones I've read so I can read any new ones that have been out since I've read them. I'm trying so hard to remember what the book reminded me of. I know it reminded me of another book series and a television show. It will come to me when I least expect it, of course. I do know that I gave it a five-star rating. While I give more five-star ratings than most reviewers, I don't give five-star reviews for a book I wasn't interested in or found just okay. That wouldn't be authentic. I recommend this book to anybody who loves fantasy books. Especially historical ones. This one takes place in the 1800s.