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Set in the eighteenth century, in a world of magic, this book is enchanting, almost literally. The two main characters are beautiful actress Laila and dark, mysterious Severin. She is a forger, one who can see the memories of an object while he is the son and heir to the nonexistent House of Vanth. Together they will fight to win what they desire and deserve.
The Gilded Wolves is a masterpiece of fiction, fit for a king, so to speak.

Once there were four Houses of France.
Like all the other Houses within the Order of Babel, the French faction swore to safeguard the location of their Babel fragment, the source of all Forging power.
Forging was a power of creation rivaled only by the work of God.
But one House fell.
And another House's line died without an heir.
Now all that is left is a secret.
So, what do you think? Are you going to read it, or miss out?