Get lost in the pages of a magical Parisian fantasy world in the 1800's.

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A gorgeous book even when the dust cover is removed😍 that bibliophiles will love to have in thier collection. Chokshi writes a diverse cast of characters set in a magical Parisian fantasy world in the 1800's. In this magical world problems are solved with magic, mathematics, puzzle problem solving it gives off cool geeky vibes. Puzzle & problem solvers will enjoy these areas of the book complete with drawings, puzzles & symbols in the writting.

Chokshi's characters are multiracial, from different cultural/religious backgrounds, & various sexualities who all come together using thier unique abilities to seeking out artifacts in a magical treasure hunt. Dangers, plot twist, secrets & a touch of romance make for a good start set up the series. I do believe the second book in the series will be better since the background has been set in book 1, book 2 should be even better.