Found Family Fantasy!

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I love Roshani Chokshi and everything she writes! She created such lovable characters that are very easy to connect to. I appreciate the diversity and both poc and lgbtq rep in her main characters. This has the found family trope which I am a sucker for and it also tackles a lot of historical and current issues in a manner I found informative and enjoyable. Her writing prose is beautiful and filled with vivid descriptions that set the scene. There is a lot going on in the books, which did leave me pretty confused alongside the plot though. The concept of the 7 deadly sins, mythology, heists, and the unique magic system was a bit too much but I enjoyed reading it anyways. The magic system in this book is called "Forging" which I was hoping to get more of an explanation of, but this first installment of the trilogy didn't really dive into it. I did enjoy the next book of the series (Silvered Serpents) more because we did get more clarity and the magic system was explained more in depth.