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Filled with History, Magic, and Wonder

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This is an awesome book that captivated me the moment I read the first sentence. This book is filled with history, magic, and on top of everything else this book is extremely diverse. The main characters are unique in their own ways. Severin is an owner of a very popular hotel and he is biracial because his mother was black and his father that he does not know is white, Enrique is a historian who loves history and he is hispanic. Which in this book Enrique is discriminated and throughout the book people consider him a Mestizo. Though in this book Enrique is conflicted because he likes men and women, but he prefers men and he has not told anyone. Zofia is very smart when it comes to creating things like weapons and she is also great at mathematics; she is also Jewish where in this book people look down on her and discriminate saying that Jewish people are crazy and that all they like to do is steal. Then we have Laila who is from India and she is known for her amazing dancing and having the ability to make men go crazy in other words when she dances men immediately desire her. Then we have Tristan who is pretty much Severin's brother. But each of these characters are the main characters in this book and Severin looks after all them and also Severin has a thing for Laila and Laila has a thing for Severin. This is a great book and I recommend this book. I know there are some that do not like to read historical fiction, but this book is more than that because there is magic, mystery and wonder in this book and it is so good to the point where you just don't want to put it down because you want to know what happens next.