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My Review: I was so excited to get a copy of this to read and enjoy! But sadly for me, this book was just a so so read. I have to say that for most of this title I felt very confused and very lost! I pretty much understood what was going on and what was happening but this one had a ton of puzzles and really reminded me of a fantasy National Treasure or one of those Dan Brown movies. But where those movies and books explain the puzzles in a way you can follow them this one didn't do that very well. At times I ended up rereading pages and at one time a full chapter to really get what was going on. At others with all the math I really just didn't care at all and found myself skimming those pages. This book is a full-fledged novel that deals with religion, politics, fantasy, and a LOT of history, but it was just so thick at times that it made it more like a chore to read.

The world building in this one was great it was an alternative view of London at the turn of the century which was great. The magical system to me was very confusing at times and I wish it would have been explained a lot better. Just like a lot of the stuff mentioned above. At times I was very confused once again.

The characters were great I really loved them and kind of wished that they would have been in another book that I could enjoy. This one just had so many issues with it being bogged down with technical jargon to the point that I felt like I should be taking notes because there was going to be a test at the end. It did the one thing that I hate about adult fantasy novels. It tried to toss all of this information at you which is fine but it did it in a way that it's really not understandable.

In the end, this was a young adult novel written for adults. I really wish this author would have written this like her first two novels which were freaking amazing. Because this one I had a hard time getting through to love it.

One other thing I have to say is that this is one of those books that the cover and the title do not match the story. Did I miss it? But who are the Gilded Wolves? Are they guarding something?

I really think that this could have been a 1000 Star book if all of the technical crap and a lot of the history stuff that they spew would have been toned down or taken out.

Go Into This One Knowing: Light Romance, Confusing, Humor, Cliffhanger