A Phenomenal Book With An Historical Nature

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My first impression of the book was awesome I loved the fact that it has a feel of historical fiction because I love history and how it is told and when I read some of the book I was literally blown away. The fact that the book is taking me on in an adventure dealing the four houses of France has made me super intrigued to read even more about the book and its character. When I first took a glance at the cover was speechless and wanted to know more about the book and the content that it holds. The cover alone is stunning because the gold on the cover is beautiful and I just love the green on the cover as well. It makes me think that this book is going to take me on a journey that I will not regret. The gold also on the cover resembles like a symbol that only royalty possess, which I find very elegant as well. But seriously the green makes the cover ten times better. Also the book alone makes me think of the Great Expansion in America and the roles everyone had to play in order to be successful. I look forward to knowing more about Severin and the ancient artifact along with learning more about the historian and the dancer that Severin will be working with on his journey in order for him to discover his true inheritance.