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Touching story

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"For twenty-four-year-old Eva Bruhns, World War II is a foggy childhood memory. At the war’s end, Frankfurt was a smoldering ruin, severely damaged by the Allied bombings. But that was two decades ago. Now it is 1963, and the city’s streets, once cratered are smooth and paved. Shiny new stores replace scorched rubble. Eager for her wealthy suitor, Jürgen Schoormann, to propose, Eva dreams of starting a new life away from her parents and sister. But Eva’s plans are turned upside down when a fiery investigator, David Miller, hires her as a translator for a war crimes trial."
Historical fiction is not my usual genre but the blurb was intriguing and I loved it! This is a debut book for Annette Hess, her writing is descriptive making the reader feel part of the scene, her characters are well developed and are likeable. Eva has heart and it was touching to see her transform from a young adult living with her parents to a mature adult living on her own. She is guided by the effects from the trial, to seek answers, and find closure.