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Plenty of emotions from this book!

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I've been reading more and more historical fiction so I was thrilled to have the chance to review The German House.

Eva Bruhns is 24 and the war has been a distant memory for her. She has big plans to move on with her life with her boyfriend Juregen Schoormann. However, once she is hired as a translator for a war crime trial.

Its heartbreaking to hear of the stories that Eva hears during the trials and it also gives you a different take on the war. This book questions human nature and the difference between right and wrong.

There are two stories being told here. The trial is a story in itself and a heartbreaking one. Then you also have the story of Eva. How her parents are not happy her being the translator and practically stop speaking to her and how Juregen disagrees with what she is doing and feels she should be home.

This was a different look at Germany after the war. Thank you to Bookish First for the ARC!