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I’ve been wanting more post-war novels

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I am really wanting more books set in post-war Germany, and this one was excellent. Eva’s quest to determine her family’s roles during the War is a common and relatable one. I think an entire generation of Germans was questioning everything about their parents’ involvement. I also loved how by beginning to question her personal history, she is also questioning everything around her and evaluating her life from a different lens. I adored that aspect of the novel.

The writing is beautiful, but the translation at times needed work. It flowed well for the most part, but there were quite a few times when the wording was slightly off. I also was troubled by the lack of chapters.

The pacing, plot, characterization, and writing style really worked for me. If you enjoy historical fiction set in Germany, and enjoyed the book The Reader, you would probably really like this one. And I’m so glad we are starting to see more novels with a post-war setting.

Thank you to Bookish First and the publisher for my free copy!