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Beautifully Written

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I love historical fiction, especially stories that are based in the WWII area. This story is about a woman named Eva who is tasked with being a Polish translator during the Holocaust trials in 1963. She is translating for witnesses/victims in cases against multiple men and the war crimes they contributed to and committed at Auschwitz. This is a story that covers more than just translating and Holocaust crimes. It is so much more. Expect to see love, family, pasts, regret, revenge, heartbreak. There were numerous times that my jaw dropped or my heart broke because of the little tidbits of information that Hess intertwined into her story. She would write truly simple, yet such powerful sentences that I could not put this one down. It hurt to read at parts. It made me laugh and smile at others. In the end, this is a heart breaking story and Hess has such a talent for creating something so beautiful and tragic within her words.