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a YA-esque take on WWII history

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The book tells the story of Eva, who is working as a translator in a trial against a number of men who are accused of commiting the atrocities that occured at the Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII. Eva is tasked with translating the testimonies of the Polish witnesses who were held in the camp. Somehow, unbelievably, Eva had absolutely no knowledge of Auschwitz and the horrible acts against humanity that occurred there and throughout other camps in Germany during the time period. She also is surprised to find out that her family has been hiding a secret from her throughout her entire life.

I have read a number of books concerning WWII and this unfortunately, wasn't one of my favorites. I found the writing to be a bit pedestrian, with four parts instead of any chapters causing it to read more like a YA novel. This could be due to the fact that the book was translated to English. Normally the writing style is something I could overlook if the content is phenomenal but I didn't find that to be the case here. I was entertained enough though that I finished the whole book.