Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Stories About Human Genome Sequencing

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I'm a total Biology nerd, so of course when this title was announced the nerd in me did a little happy dance~!

"The Genome Odyssey" is a very inspiring novel that goes into greater depth the inspiring stories that have come to be thanks to the technology of human genome sequencing. Many chapters / stories go into depth of real people with real problems. Unknown illnesses, strange behaviors, unknown causes of sudden death, autoimmune issues... these are just a few of many incredible stories that science has helped shed light on, helping so many people!

Side note: as one of the more recent stories or "cases" of which the greater good of DNA sequencing has been able to assist us, we have the COVID-19 vaccine. This is essentially a sequenced vaccine! This is just one of MANY amazing results that has come from the capability to sequence DNA.

TLDR: This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the sciences, particularly in the realm of Biological Sciences. This is also SO inspiring for those struggling with health issues... while there are not cures or vaccines for everything to this day, we can learn to much from how far we've come and the potential of where we are headed. <3

IMO: this would be an EXCELLENT [and actually enjoyable!] required reading for 100/200-level college Biology courses. Just throwing that out there :) I recall reading a couple of required Biology-related novels in college, and none of them were this fascinating while being factual and accurate.