Great informative book!!

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I am fascinated by all things genetics and biological sciences and this book really drew me in and entered me into a fascinating world of the human genome. In this book, the author goes into detail about the science of the human genome, the advancements that are being made, and also shares personal stories from his life and gives it a more relatable tone to the reader. I do think that the book may be a bit heavy in context for some readers, however, for those who enjoy a science heavy nonfiction, this book really hits the spot. I really enjoyed it, though I still found the need to read smaller sections at a time and really ponder those insights before moving on to really grasp all of the information. I highly recommend reading this book with the mindset of it taking awhile so that you can read it slowly and not be frustrated by that. It is amazing how far the field has come, even in the last decade, and this book really highlights how important these advancements have been!