Sci-Fi, Punk Rock, Time Travel

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The Future of Another Timeline is a book that is totally out of my comfort zone but I wanted to challenge myself by reading it. It took me awhile to get into the first few pages because of the time travel and getting to know Tess and Beth. Sci-fi is not my favorite genre and at times, explanations in this genre goes over my head. When things started clicking for me in this story (as much as I could grasp) I thought this story was very different and creative. Tess time travels to edit the timeline for women's history. Talk about punk rock! I loved the feminist vibe of this book. But editing isn't so easy for Tess, there is a group of men trying to undo women's rights.

Beth's story line grabbed my attention more than Tess's though maybe because I read so many young adult novels and Beth being a teenager in the 1990's was nostalgic to me. Also I love the diverse characters represented in the book.

I think sci-fi fans will love this book. It wasn't quite for me but I still enjoyed it.