Engaging Sci-Fi

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I liked this book... but not as much as I thought I would. I loved books such as Recursion and Anyone, which deal with time travel. I get that it's not easy to write about because there are so many rules and restrictions that need to be set. In this book, time travel seemed to be something that many people were doing. The science was minimal, which I did appreciate. You don't get bogged down with rules and requirements - they kind of just come out as necessary.

The dual storyline between Beth and Tess was also interesting. I loved the nuances near the end where Beth's timeline changed in ways that didn't hit you in the face, but if you were paying attention, you could catch. But there was a lot of Tess's timeline that didn't grab me. I get that she was chasing Comstock to allow women to have rights in the future, but parts of this just didn't flow well for me.

Overall, the premise was interesting. It wasn't hard to read (as sometimes sci-fi is) and I liked it... but it was missing something. Or perhaps it had too much of something. I'm not sure, but I liked it, not loved it