Changing the timeline for the benefit of the one or the many, who gets to decide?

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I found this excerpt very interesting and the story line pulled me right in. Will Wheaton’s endorsement is intriguing and has me very interested in receiving a copy of this book. I look forward to reading about Tess and Beth’s plight and and why they choose to turn to violence and vengeance. I’m also curious about why so many others are so determined to stop Tess from altering the timeline.

Will Tess’ attempt to rewrite the timeline be in the best interest of the few or the many? Is her fix based on vengeance or to see the fulfillment of her own ideals? No matter how noble the cause, small actions can have huge, life altering consequences. Can someone attempt to change the timeline without allowing selfish goals to control the destiny of humanity?

I look forward to finding out the answers to these questions and to discover whether Tess’ actions will echo throughout the timeline.

I love the artistic, intriguing cover of this book. It captures the eye and definitely has you wanting to discover what the picture depicts!