Lost Me In The Second Half

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The summary of this book and the beginning were great and are what originally drew me into The Friday Cage. I really liked how Claire's tough, dominant, no nonsense attitude was written and I felt bad for how she got that way due to her upbringing. She's a smart resilient character who ran away from love and is in denial of a wonderful life she could have with a man she loves.

The circumstances of her dead best friend, the man following her, the missing mail and the open basement window in the first couple chapters of the book created an intricate equation that I was very curious to solve.

However... pretty much once the stalker is revealed and all of the remaining second half of the book, I was let down. To be honest, I was quite bored. The origin of the book title reveal was kind of funny and interesting and I enjoyed some of the action scenes, few that there were, but I kind of just got to the point where I couldn't wait to be done and over with it so I could move on.

You can tell from the ending that this is pretty much the start to a new beginning for her in future books but I can't say I'll be interested in reading those unfortunately.