Just Decent

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Suspense thrillers are my go to and based on the premise for this book, I was super excited to read it. I'm usually a big fan of a stalker novel, but unfortunately for me this one fell flat. The main character, Claire, wasn't likable (usually you feel for the person being stalked, but nope not this time) and I didn't really connect or invest in any of the other characters either. We learn some about Claire's past and how it has shaped her into the adult she is today. Her current struggles include dealing with her ailing grandmother, her close friend just passed away, and she recently left her boyfriend. All that being said I still couldn't like or root for her. The book started off well and the ending picked up again, but the middle dragged and I honestly ended up skimming some. Maybe I just read too many thrillers and that is why this one didn't measure up for me.

I received a free digital ARC of this book from BookishFirst in exchange for my honest review.