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I Liked This Author's Previous Book, Gate 76

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I really liked author Andrew Diamond's earlier book, Gate 76, and I was hoping that THE FRIDAY CAGE would grab my attention just as quickly. However, something was missing for me this time. I could definitely sympathize with protagonist Claire. What woman would not feel some fear if they know they are being followed by someone who isn't even trying to be surreptitious about it. Maybe Claire's paranoia needed to be more clear-cut. There's former beau Peter whom she left behind in New York City, leaving him high and dry in their shared apartment. Now Claire is in Washington,D.C., living with her grandmother. Grandma doesn't turn out to be a loving support for Claire - not now and evidently not in the past when Claire lived with her either. But wait... there's more. Claire's friend Gavin is dead, and the private investigator seems strange. Maybe I needed to read the whole book to give a truly fair assessment.