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This novel was definitely a decent read. It follows Claire, an auditor who recently moved back to DC to take care of her crass, cold hearted grandmother. But instead of focusing on clearing out the house and starting her new job, Claire is focused on the man that is stalking her day and night. She’s being followed by a strange car, has had her house broken into, and her mail is being stolen. But she had no idea why she’s the target of this stalker and she’s not having any of this nonsense.

Overall, I found the plot to be fairly typical. We learned a little about Claire’s troubled childhood living with her grandmother and how it impacted the adult she is today. We then followed her as she uncovers her stalker, leading to the dramatic ending. The characters were a different story. Claire herself was a too abrasive for my liking. The constant running narrative in her head around how weak women can be and how they need to toughen up like her was exhausting to read. I kept waiting for Claire to turn a corner and realize how destructive she is, but that never really happened. The other main character Lincoln was more interesting, but because we learned everything through Claire’s POV, I felt like we didn’t dig deep enough into who Lincoln really was. Because of how much I disliked Claire, I ended up skimming the second half of this book and could only rate it average.