Cat and Cat

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Apologies as I was in between jobs and houses.

The story was fun! I said I wanted this book because of the blurb and how it described a cat versus cat game. Usually, it's an uneven power dynamic, so hearing this type of story really made me happy as I love mind games and a bit of stalking and scheming on both sides.

The writing was readable, as in not too wordy or too descriptive for no reason. However, there were moments that did not need sentences such as descriptions of the weather (though not long, still not entirely necessary) or other little things that did not relate to the plot or provide insight as to what may happen next.

I did enjoy the story, but the ending left a bit to be told as I felt kind of like how I felt in the lagging bits of the middle as I did about the ending itself. I wanted more of a bang, more of a huzzah moment, but while it was not a bang, it was not a whisper.

I would recommend this story to a mystery and action-y thriller lover as it is sure to help time go by and give you something extra to look forward to figuring out in your day.