A strong female character and a good premise

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Claire is one tough cookie. She leaves New York City after a bad breakup and tries for a fresh start in a new city. She caught up in a dance she never agreed to and instead of being bitter, she sticks it out. A novel set in DC is always a treat but it’s even more exciting when the author crafts such a rich dialogue.

The only part I failed to bond with was Claire’s backstory with her grandma who raised her. I believe it’s a personal issue that lies within myself. There were a few characters who could have been fleshed out better, but I believe that is being left for another book. The ending leaves room for a sequel.

If you like suspense and drama, this book is your cup of tea!

Disclaimer - I won this book many moons ago and thought I put in a review. My apologies that I left this task unfinished. I truly enjoyed my time with Claire and look forward to more adventures in her world.