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As a major Artemis Fowl fan back in the day, I was really excited to see this first book in the spin-off series about Artemis's twin younger brothers. It was great to be reunited with old, beloved characters and to meet new ones as well.

While I didn't love this installment as much as the original series (which might be because I initially read them when I was 13 and am now 28, soooo), I did enjoy it. I ended up listening to the audio book for this and really enjoyed that experience. The audiobook production was well done and the action packed story really drew me through the audio and made it a fun way to spend time.

I don't know that I'll continue on with the rest of the series, but again, I'm not the target audience for this anymore. I will be recommending this series and the original to the kids in my life, though! And I'll look forward hearing about what the Fowl family gets up to next.