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Far from fowl!

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Now that Artemis Fowl is off, traveling the universe, it is time for Myles and Beckett, the Fowl twins, to have some adventures of their own. A simple discovery by Beckett of what appears to be a toy leads to the crazy adventures contained within the pages of The Fowl Twins. Along the way the twins meet a small but tough fairy, an even smaller (and stronger) troll, a nobleman with very un-noble intentions, and a nun who is none too pious.
The Fowl Twins was a truly entertaining book that I can’t wait to share with my children. While it is a middle school book, it is far from lacking; it is a great, well-written story from beginning to end. I loved all the clever play on words and acronyms as well as the jokes sprinkled throughout the pages of the story.
If you have a middle school student who enjoys a good story filled with magic and adventure, wonder and luck, along with some well thought-out plans, steer them towards The Fowl Twins!