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Fabulous Hidden History Read!

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I am so glad I picked up this book. From the beginning, I was in love with the story of Ana and the life she was leading and the life she really wanted to be living. I think everyone should hear more about the relatively untold tales of women and other cultures throughout history that is not directly their own. This book does a fantastic job of giving the reader a peak into a life that had been lived.

I had previously read and enjoyed two books (Salt to the sea, and Between Shades of Gray) by Ruta Sepetys prior to “Fountains of Silence” and I have to say I adore her writing style and she will be an automatic must have the book author for me from now on.

Normally, I struggle with short chapters because they feel too disruptive to me, but Ruta has a talent for dropping you right into the page with only a few words and uses the chapters to shift perspective between characters. Sometimes there is so much action, and I found myself bewildered that only a page or two was all I had read.

The story seems richer with the all of the interwoven character tales. There are some characters we see only in brief glimpses, but how they tie to the main characters is important to the overall development of the book. I would definitely pick up another book if there was a continuation of the story, the questions surrounding the children was heart wrenching (in a good way).