Everything Ruta Sepetys writes is pure gold.

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Everything that Ruta Sepetys writes is incredible and The Fountains of Silence is no different! While I do believe that the first Ruta Sepetys novel you read will always be your favorite (mine is Salt to the Sea and it stands true), The Fountains of Silence gave it a run for its money.

I was incredibly impressed by the way that Ruta had to build the world of 1950s Madrid. With her other books set during WWII, you have an idea of what setting you're going into. That is less true with Spain during Franco's regime. So the ways in which she set the scene, especially through the quotes and historical documents spread throughout before the different chapters, was really clever and added to the sense of setting.

The romance was lovely and the mystery behind what was happening with the stolen babies was fascinating and really pulled me into the story.