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Can't wait to find out what choices our characters make!

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This is a historical novel taking place in Madrid, Spain in 1957 after General Franco has started letting tourists and foreign businesses into the country. Ana, who's parents died or were imprisoned during the Spanish Civil War, was raised by her older siblings and is now working to help support her family as a maid in an American hotel. Daniel is a Texas boy, the son of an oil tycoon, who aspires to be a photojournalist and does not want to join his father in the family oil business. He is with his family in Madrid while his father tries to get an oil contract with the country. Daniel and Ana meet at the hotel and not surprisingly they will fall in love. What interests me most about this story is the secondary characters: Rafa and Puri. Rafa is Ana's older brother. He was old enough to clearly remember his father being killed by Franco's men and his mother being imprisoned because they wanted to start a Montessori school, not a religious school. Rafa was then taken to a boys' home where he was abused and mistreated. He now works two jobs, in the butcher's shop and at the cemetery, to help support his family. Puri is Ana and Rafa's cousin. She is working in an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. All of these characters are dealing with the repercussions of their parents choices and now must make their own. Will they serve the fascist regime or fight for freedom?