What an Ending!

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Sandie Jones has just become one of my new favorite authors when I want a twisty, intense domestic thriller. The story is told from many different points of view and points in time. Sometimes that can be hard to follow, bu in this case it was done well. The characters were not likable, but I found that to work really well in the context of this book. They were unreliable narrators who did horrible things, and it was so much fun to read and see what they would do next.

This was a slow-burn story that twisted and turned until I was not sure how the ending would turn out. Some of the twists were rather predictable, but I also consider myself something of a seasoned thriller reader. The thing that really matters is THAT ENDING! It was completely unpredictable and utterly delicious. I look forward to reading more by Sandie Jones, as I'm sure it will be just as fun of a ride!