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What did I just read? Drama, drama, drama! I felt like I was reading a very dramatic and unrealistic soap opera. Days of Our Lives or The Bold and the Beautiful made into a book. I love stands drama, but this was a little on the cheesy side. The first half of the book was very slow going. I thought about putting it down a couple times, but I stuck with it. It started to pick up about halfway. Then all of sudden the ending or unfolding of the story was rushed and very abrupt. I was reading and enjoying it, but then it just kind of ended. The last 20 pages or so is when everything exciting happened and then it ended. I was disappointed because the story could have wrapped up earlier or even gone in a different direction and it probably would have been a better read for me. I thought this was just an okay read.

**Thank you to @netgalley and @minotaurbooks for the copy in exchange for an honest review.**