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So crazy twisty!

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Huge The Other Woman fan here. My fave thriller last year and let me tell you the anxiety runs high once again in this one. In the best possible way!

I know, I know… anxiety is NOT a good thing… but when I’m so immersed in a story that it alone gives me the feels like I need to pop a xanax or two…? The thriller. Has done. It’s job.

Sandie Jones has managed to bring on the nervous ticks, the deep breaths, and the high-alert paranoia once again! And in the BEST way!

Alice is on husband #2 and after losing her first beloved – she finally feels like she is ready to be fully happy again. Business is great. Kids are fantastic. Beautiful house and husband… and then she meets Beth. And, well, she seems like the bestest friend one could ever want to tell all her secrets and complaints to. Until things start getting weird.

And the more weird it got, the more confused I got. I had no idea what the heck was going on at one point and I was pointing fingers at every damn character in the book. And as the best thrillers go… I pointed wrong every single time.

I loved this one. I adore Sandie Jones and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!