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Predictable, but enjoyable read

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There are so many thing I want to say about this book. Overall I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend checking it out.

Alice runs a successful business with her second husband, Nathan, and is also busy raising two children. Life is pretty darn good, or at least it seemed that way until Nathan started acting differently. So Alice turns to her best friend, Beth, for support. And let's just say life is about to get real interesting for Alice whether she likes it or not.

Thrillers are my favorite genre. Overall, the most important thing to me when I read a book in the suspense, thriller, or mystery genre is I want to be entertained and just have a fun reading experience and that was the case here. I also like that feeling of confusion in which you think you know what's going on but you also doubt yourself the more and more you read. Is the story perfect? No, I did find it predictable at times. However, overall I found it a fun read which makes it good enough for me. 3/3 stars over here!