Page-turner alert!

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Page-turner alert! "Domestic suspense" is an apt descriptor of Sandie Jones' The First Mistake - I would call it more of a slow-burn than a fast-paced mystery. But I absolutely still found myself wanting to read it in one sitting. This is the kind of book that makes you forget your bedtime.

I went into this one fairly blind, which I'd recommend (so I'm not going to outline the plot or even share the book's premise here). The book doesn't have the most original of plots - I often saw twists coming - but what an enjoyable ride nonetheless. Now that I've read a second book by Jones (she also wrote The Other Woman), I can confidently say that I am a fan of the way she writes characters. The men especially just felt so real to me. And I couldn't help but relate to Alice, the main character.

Overall, a satisfying, engaging read. I'm already looking forward to whatever she writes next.