Not terrible, but not an award winner

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I ended up with an ARC of this book, and it took me awhile to get around to it. That being said, I loved this book - up until the last two chapters. I happened upon the completed version in the store today (the day after I finished reading it), and I compared the last few chapters with what I had read in the ARC, only to find that there was little difference. Indeed, so little was the difference as to be virtually indistinguishable. This was, for me, a great disappointment. The twists were beautifully done, and the first part of the book was fast paced and well written. As I got to the last two chapters, however, I found them lacking in the detail so richly portrayed previously, to the point where they read as an outline. The epilogue was likewise rather disappointing, as I wanted more information on the situation that the characters found themselves in. It did not, for me, have a satisfactory conclusion or resolution. Still, it is because I enjoyed the first part that I give it three stars, instead of the two warranted by the last few chapters.