Loved this book!

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To say that I was excited about this book was an understatement. I had heard that Sandie Jones had written a sophomore novel and I could not wait to get my hands on it. Her previous book, "The Other Woman" was a real page-turner so I was beyond intrigued. Let the review begin...

Bravo! Most authors will tell you that it is super difficult to write that second book, especially if the first one was a big hit. Everyone expects greatness. Some fall horribly short. Some write meh books. Some write really good books. This was a really good book.

Like a great puzzle, the pieces of this story fit together perfectly. The characters were layered. The characters were realistic. They were beautifully flawed.

I am rating this book Five Stars because I greatly enjoyed it. I would have read it in one setting if I had been given the chance. It truly was that good. Highly recommend this author and this book.