Left wanting more

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When I read this book I found the beginning very promising. The author made me grapple with the characters in the exact way I need a book in this genre to do.
As the story moved forward I could find no actual plot that was stuck to, but I was still invested in where it was going. The characters became ones I could not relate to and, people I would never even find myself liking. Let alone feeling sympathetic toward.
I think overall this author tends to write books like this as her style of writing. I find many of her books fall just short of being phenomenal which, leaves me wondering why she limited herself.
For the most part a reader will find themselves liking this book but not loving it. Though the characters are weak and honestly hard to like the concept of the book will definitely have you turning page after page.
The ending is predictable but comes out in a way that makes you not hate it. Because at least you finally saw that the lack of plot driven storyline had purpose.
I think this author would benefit with the less is more concept. Not every chapter needs another twist.