Just when you think you have it figure out ... you don’t!!!!

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Oh man this book what a “mind f” ... I really thought I had it figured out and was about to be disappointed with the simplicity- don’t get me wrong it was well written but if it played out as I expected I was not going to be impressed .... I kept reading a curve ball come that I was t expecting at all but then another came and we were back on the path of it being what I thought but oh boy it was not that simple at all and it had me wanting to punch myself for missing a vital detail that was nonchalantly given yet was HUGE to tying it all together! Well played Sandie well played, you got me again!
I also appreciate that she writes strong female leads noting that Alice had her money before the man and even with a mutual partner noting her work and continued effort is what made her success ! Also even when women are taken advantage of they are smart and strong enough to survive and even get their revenge !