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I enjoyed Sandie Jones first novel, The Other Woman, but I think her sophomore novel, the First Mistake, is even better. The book alternates between the point of view of Alice and Beth. Both women are sympathetic characters and you can see how they became friends due to shared experiences about love and loss. What you don't see is how their stories truly intertwine, which is all I can say to avoid spoilers. We first meet Alice, who is a widow, but seems happy with her new life with husband, Nathan. They are about to embark on a big deal for their company when she starts to get suspicious about his behavior. Is it possible he is having an affair? She naturally turns to her best friend, Beth, to see if she thinks Alice is crazy or if it is possible that something is really wrong? At this point, I tell both women to trust your intuition! I like how the book provides different points of view, but still doesn't give you enough information about all of the characters until the end to know who is truly a victim or a villain. The book has many plot twists that will keep you on edge. I did not guess the ending, which is always a plus for me!